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Gabreael not only glimpses through the veil, she transcends it......
Gabreael  is a internationally renowned psychic medium whose readings are delivered with compassion, honesty, and integrity.



As a second generation psychic medium Gabreael has over two decades of experience to offer you. Here are what a few of her clients had to say after their sessions with her:



I had been through a lifetime of psychics researching before fate finally connected us. The validations you gave me concerning my family and my ever-worsening health were like no other I had experienced. You were not afraid to give me the good with the bad and I thank you for your brutal honesty at times. You are a visionary like no other I have come across.

I  liken the honor of working with you, with that of working with a young Edgar Cayce.

As a psychic myself I foresee you making a positive impact on thousands of life's in your lifetime.


 At a time in my life when I didn't have a lot to be thankful for you and Thomas gave me hope, and helped me to understand that life here on the planet is simply one aspect of a much bigger picture. I received some very bad news recently about my health, but now knowing for sure that the soul and its personality exists outside of the body gives me great peace tonight.


I know I haven't been the easiest person to work with lately because of my health and other issues going on, but while I was able to I wanted to tell you what a difference you made in my life tonight. I am sorry if I pushed you to hard at times. I simply want you to be all you can be.


Your Friend For Life,



Dear Gabreael,

In 1996, the psychic who had accurately guided me in life for 20 years suddenly passed away. Since then I have had numerous readings with many "psychics." These readings left me feeling disappointed and wondering if I would ever find a replacement for my trusted psychic. Indeed, I did! Gabreael is a psychic medium with incredible gifts. First of all, all truly gifted mediums don't want you to give them your life's story before a reading. This is so with Gabreael. With nothing more than my name she was able to contact loved ones whom have passed and guides to help me. The information she provides is very specific, with specific names, dates, images and advice. I have had many readings with her an each time I am truly astounded. I always ask myself "How did she know that?" In a recent reading, my former psychic came even through! Gabreael identified him with complete accuracy and even gave me his name! I was then given VERY specific information that no one could know about except someone from the other side! It was astounding! I have referred others to Gabreael and highly recommend that anyone who has been disappointed with readings in the past give her a try! It is nice to finally find a medium that is really spiritually gifted for a change!

J. Dutzman

Dear Gabreael,

I want to thank you so much for the reading you gave me last night. It was awesome and you are truly blessed with a gift. You helped my mother out more in forty minutes then I have been able to do in ten months. We are all eternally grateful to you. I would love to be able to do even 10% of what you did last night! :)

Thanks so much,

Chris Scully

Dear Gabreael,



I was blown away by our session. I contacted you for a cross over reading, but got so much more! I was so emotional by the time you finished I could barely speak. So I wanted to write you tonight to thank you. You addressed issues I had bottled up within me for decades now concerning abuse issues with my family. For them to come through and address those specific issues and apologize for them blew me away. You never see that on TV with other mediums, so I wasn't expecting that. You then moved from my relatives to my spirit guides giving me personal information that there is no way on this planet anyone could have known, then you went from there to a few years down the road in my future. I have spent a small fortune on readings with other psychics and yours are like no others. Not only was your reading a psychic medium reading, but it brought me closure on issues that have haunted me for years, which also has brought on a healing experience within my soul.


May God Bless You!






When I first contacted you a few years ago I was a total wreck. I was coming out of a very abusive relationship that had me trusting no one. That all changed with your sessions. The first time you came through and connected me with my father helped me beyond belief. To know that he had seen how my ex had treated me, and stole from me meant a lot, but to know that he was there as a comforter for me as well meant the world to me. Then in the other session when you brought through my deceased ex who stole from my son to ask for forgiveness gave me an inner peace like nothing else has. Thank you for helping with the most difficult years of my life.



Dear Gabreael,


Thank you for the connections you made between my guide and the girls guides. I knew my guides name before contacting you, but having you give it to me without me asking for it was a wonderful affirmation. The closure you have given me with my mother is priceless.



Hi Gabrael,

   I just want to thank you again for the absolutely phenomenal reading that you gave me.  Not only did you convince me that what you were getting was from spirit, but for you to come up with my mother's name and my oldest daughter's name made me realize that you truly have a gift.  To connect with my mother after 25 years, gave me the closure that I needed since she passed when I was only 21 years old and she never saw the birth of any of my children.  Your soft-spoken ways allowed me to stay calm and centered throughout the reading.  Also, the fact that I am an intuitive allowed me to know that what you were saying was the truth and not just someone fishing for answers!  I am so thankful that I found you because the healing that I received only comes from a true psychic such as yourself and for this I am truly thankful!!  God bless you abundantly and I will be keeping in touch with you for any future questions!  Thank-you so much!!! 

                                                                       Debby Rincon




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